The Myth of the CiucciaNebbia

Pollution is often portrayed as an external matter to human bodies and culture. The project embodies the phenomenon of air pollution as CiucciaNebbia (meaning 'fog-sucker'), a mythical creature that walks the streets of Milan. Their body is made of fine toxic particles that settle on the facade of buildings. These layers of smog act as a living archive of Milan’s industrial history, along with the ideologies and lifestyle of its inhabitants. The CiucciaNebbia poses the question of what it means to assume the role of a hybrid subject, to embody a series of relationships and to identify with one’s surroundings when it is disrupted, contaminated and toxic.


2024“Spatial Tales of Unearthly Critters”MIARD and COOKIES at Kunstinstituut Melly, Rotterdam (NL)
2023 “Inizi Continui” at Italian Cultural Institute curated by Martina Muzzi and Studio Ossidiana, Amsterdam (NL)
2023  ReA! Art Fair 2023, Fabbrica Del Vapore, Milan (IT)
2023  ADI Design Museum, Milan Design Week (IT)
2022 “Story of Dust,” at Arena DAE Graduation Show DDW22, Microtuin (NL)